Hashish or hash consists of the THC-rich resinous material of the cannabis plant, which is collected, dried, and then compressed into a variety of forms, such as balls, cakes, or cookie-like sheets.

Pieces are then broken off, placed in pipes, and smoked. The Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are the main sources of hash.

The THC content of hash that reached the United States, where demand is limited, averaged about 5 percent in the 1990s.

To make hash, workers rub cannabis blossoms with their hands to get the resin to stick to their hands, and then the resin is collected. Another way to make hash is to sift the ground-up, dried leaves through a screen and compress the powder resin to make a “brick”.

A more modern method of producing hash is through alcohol extraction. In this method, cannabis plants are ground up and covered with isopropyl alcohol or butane and left to sit. The resulting mixture is then evaporated off the alcohol leaving the active terpenoid and terpene compounds which can be used immediately or cooked into bricks.

When a person wants to use hashish, they usually smoke it by putting a small piece of hash in a joint with tobacco or marijuana. Then the person lights the paper roll with a flame and inhales the smoke that comes out, exhaling 1-3 seconds after holding in the smoke.

Another way that people use hash is by putting a small piece of hashish in a pipe or bong (water pipe) then lighting it with a flame, inhaling the smoke. Some people also eat hashish, usually by mixing it into food or baked goods.

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    I like what you said the THC-rich resinous part of the cannabis plant is gathered, dried, and crushed into a variety of shapes, such as balls, cakes, or cookie-like sheets, to make hashish or hash. This is a good article, my uncle is looking for info and this should help him. I wanted to thank you for your explanation about hashish.


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