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Legal Disclaimer



The photographs on our products are protected by U.S. Copyright laws. You, as the purchaser of our products, are the owner which authorized you to place the contents of our CD and DVD's or other electronic media on one computer. Organizations that purchase CD'a or DVD's are authorized to place the CD or DVD or other electronic media on a single computer. Ownership is non-transferable and as the owner you are the only person who may use the photographs on our CD's, DVD's or other Publishers Group, LLC products you have purchased from us. If you, the owner are an educator, police officer, trainer, or parent, you may use our products to give instruction to students in your school, department or local training area. You may not loan, sell, donate or distribute any of the photographs stored within our CD's to anyone regardless of your relationship. In addition, the photographs on on our CD's and other products may not be placed on any Internet, Intranet, Bulletin Board, Office Network, Computer Network, Company or Department Network, or other electronic media or reproduced, distributed, recorded, displayed, copied, duplicated by any means for distribution for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Students up through senior high may duplicate up to 50 copies of the photographs to complete a classroom assignment. These must be non-commercial assignments and the photographs must be destroyed upon completion of the assignment. Any deviation from the above must be given in writing by Publishers Group, LLC.


All photographs or images on our CD's, DVD, books, magazines, brochures or other media and other products are owned by the Publishers Group, LLC, 2255 North Willow Dr., Long Lake, MN 55356 and are protected by the Copyright laws of the United States. The US Government is taking significant action to stop piracy worldwide. End-Users making copies of photographs for friends or loaning disks to each other, or organizations underreporting the number of software installations they have made are all violations of the Copyright laws of the United States which places the violator at considerable risk. Simple unlicensed copying by individuals and businesses is one of the most common types of software piracy. End-user copying also includes: Installing software on more computers than they have licenses for and informal disk swapping among friends and associates are illegal and put users at serious risk for fines and imprisonment. The photographs on our products are a very valuable source for educators, law enforcement officers, parents and others. Publishers Group, LLC invests a substantial amount of its resources to send professional photographers and researchers throughout the U.S. and International venues to collect data, photographs of drugs and other drug information to include in its products. The revenue received from the sale of these products is then funneled back into research and development to bring you the most current, highest quality product possible. Software theft is a serious matter. If you, an associate or your organization is caught reproducing, copying or using pirated photographs or software, you, and they may be held liable under both civil and criminal law. If the copyright owner (Publishers Group, LLC) brings a civil action against you, or others, we will seek to stop you from using our images immediately and we will also request monetary damages. We then have the option to choose between actual damages, which includes the amount Publishers Group, LLC has lost because of your infringement as well as any profits attributable to the infringement, or statutory damages, which can be as much as $150,000 for each photograph copied. (There are over 450 photographs on the "Street Drugs CD-ROM) In addition, the government can criminally prosecute you for copyright infringement. If convicted, you can be fined up to $250,000, or sentenced to jail for up to five years, or both.

What Are Your Responsibilities As a End-User of Publishers Group, LLC products?

Your first responsibility is to purchase only original products. Make sure you are using genuine Publishers Group, LLC disks, booklets and other products. Be wary of unscrupulous Internet vendors who advertise attractive deals on "genuine" software that was overstocked or otherwise discounted for inventory reasons. Keep in mind that a high percentage of software and products sold through online auctions is illegal. Next, you, as the legal owner of Publishers Group, LLC products have a responsibility to install and use your software and printed products in accordance with the license agreement and Copyright laws if United States. If you have outsourced your CD-ROM, software and other copyright information to a consultant or application service provider, you are still responsible for software license compliance.
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